Luxury Interior Designer – Working With Private Clients And Developers

By Samantha Pope

By Samantha Pope

I love what I do. As a luxury interior designer, I design for both commercial and private clients, and as you can imagine, the approach is a bit different for both…

What’s it like to design for a commercial client?

The main aim in this design is to make it attractive to a wide clientele with a range of tastes, ultimately maximising our client’s profits through the design. This involves enhancing the key features of a property – bringing focus to the natural flow of the home and making sure quality speaks volumes to potential buyers.

Budget is often carefully planned and set from the start, which is strictly adhered to with the end projected value in mind and profits-first approach. In some cases, the developer will provide a brief with a typical client profile and family set up, which will allow us to design a more personal scheme.

What’s it like to design for a private/consumer client?

This is a far more personal design approach, catered to creating a property which meets a client’s every need functionally, practically and emotionally. The brief is an essential process where we are able to really delve deep into a client’s lifestyle and understand their needs and what they like and dislike, and at times, guide the client on their interior budget based on their expectations.

We often get to know our clients on quite a personal level and we absolutely love seeing the joy that creating a space they can truly call home brings.

Whether we are working for a commercial or private client, our core values of understated elegance, longevity and wellbeing are at the heart of our design. Homes should not only look amazing but also make you feel amazing.

No matter what type of property we have the pleasure of working on, just know that they all have something in common – it is a real pleasure, for us! We love working directly with commercial and consumer clients, knowing that at the end I’m creating something far more than bricks – we are designing a home.


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