Valentine’s Day At Home: The Complete Guide for 2023

By Samantha Pope

By Samantha Pope

Valentine’s Day At Home: The Complete Guide for 2023 from Samantha Pope Luxury Interior Designer in Essex

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and so many of us have love on the mind. Whether you’re planning your space for an intimate dinner with your special someone or just want to set the mood for a night of self-love, it’s always nice to give your home some much needed attention this time of year. Read on for my complete guide to giving your home some extra love this Valentine’s Day!

Soft Lighting: Creating a Cosy Romantic Atmosphere

Adding soft lighting can transform your home creating a cosy romantic atmosphere in no time at all. Lighting sets the mood, making it essential to create a romantic and luxury room interior. When selecting lighting for your Valentine’s Day setup, think creatively! You could go for a romantic approach using warm-toned candles, or simply turn off all the main lighting in the room and turn on just the table lamps for a subdued ambience.

Engaging the Senses: A Sweet Surprise

You know the saying: it’s all about the little things. And it’s especially true when creating a romantic atmosphere in your home. Think of things that will engage all five senses – sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

  • Invite cosiness by adding textural throws and soft scatter cushions to your space. Playing around with texture will bring extra warmth, depth and comfort into the room!
  • Consider introducing aromatic candles or diffusers with relaxing scents, too! I’m obsessed with NEOM’s Real Luxury scent – it gives a gorgeous ‘freshness’ to the room, emphasising a warm, homely atmosphere.

Give yourself an instant pick-me-up and bring some warmth into your day with a bouquet of flowers. Let passionate reds and vibrant yellows bring joy and natural beauty to your home! These small but significant sensory details transform your home by creating an inviting and romantic atmosphere this Valentine’s Day.

Subtle Romantic Decor: A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Keep it tasteful and understated. Less is more when it comes to interior decor.  Adding just the right amount of romantic decor will help set the mood – no need to over do it.

Planning a Romantic Evening In A Perfect Date Night Idea

Creating a romantic evening doesn’t have to be complicated. You can absolutely show your home some love to fit the occasion – with the right interior and design choices, anyone can create an extraordinary, loving atmosphere at home.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s catch up again soon.

Sam x

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