Jeff Brazier

Teenage Bedrooms

Samantha Pope Interiors had the honour of collaborating with Jeff Brazier to design bedrooms for his two sons. The objective was clear: to craft spaces that not only reflected the individual characters of the boys but also prioritised their mental well-being. Our approach involved understanding the unique preferences of Freddy and Bobby through individual briefs, ensuring the rooms became personal sanctuaries where they could retreat and find peace.

Incorporating the principles of mental health-focused design, we included positive affirmations in artwork, and greenery — a colour associated with balance — to infuse the interiors with a breath of fresh air. Additionally, we curated gallery walls in each bedroom, featuring beautiful memories to honour the late mother, Jade Goody. These personalised touches transformed the spaces into havens of comfort, individuality, and remembrance.

This project exemplifies our commitment to creating spaces that go beyond aesthetics, acknowledging the emotional and mental well-being of the occupants. It was a privilege to contribute to a project that holds such deep personal meaning for the Brazier family.

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