Styling Tips for the Festive Period

By Samantha Pope

By Samantha Pope

When it comes to Christmas décor there are no right or wrongs – rather, I think we should all just go with what floats our boat, whether that be with regards to colour scheme or how OTT we really want to go! Everyone has different tastes and desires, and just because we might value a particular decorating style, it doesn’t make that the best style overall. I suggest approaching your décor with the mindset that not everyone is going to love it – and that’s ok! The main thing is that you do what makes you feel good and festive.

This brings me to the crux of this blog post – I am going to share some pointers for my particular styling tips for Christmas, based on what I like (it’s also the perfect excuse for me to do some interior shopping for Christmas décor!)

Real or Fake?

This is the first decision when it comes to selecting a Christmas tree. I personally prefer a faux tree. Whilst I love the look and smell of a real one, it always ends up looking a bit sorry for itself by the time the 25th arrives. If you’re an early bird like me when it comes to decorating, then faux is the way to go! There are some beautiful realistic pre-lit faux trees on the market now. Here are a couple of my favourites:

The Base

I recommend concealing the base of your faux tree. There is really nothing worse than seeing a tree that looks so realistic, but then screams fake when you see the stand at the base! Purchasing a sleek tree-skirt that matches your house design style is a great way to cover this up. I have linked below some of my favourite tree-skirts to keep your Christmas tree looking unquestionably realistic this year!

Perfecting the Art of Decorating Your Tree

Tip 1) Tone is at the heart of everything I do when it comes to interior design – and my Christmas tree is no exception! I like to keep the majority of the hanging pieces on my tree tonal to really bulk it out as the base colour. Then you can add your accent colour in a smaller, more measurable quantity. For example, you could choose the majority of the décor to be white and bronze/gold tones, before adding colours of your choice. This way, if you wanted to switch up your colour in the future, you would not have to purchase or change all of your decorations, as you can keep the base décor the same and simply change the accent colours.

Here are some great base colour decorations:

Tip 2) Unique quality pieces that are more intricate in details are the key to making your tree stand out. You can use them to bulk up the tonal base and bring sophisticated character to your tree. They are the perfect choice in adding depth and interest to your décor, achieving a Christmas that just oozes the timeless style of high-end interior designers.

I have listed a few unique quality pieces that remain tonal below:

Tip 3) I love a memory piece. If you add one to your tree each and every year – i.e. family memories captured in a photo and framed or printed inside a bauble – makes your décor not only personalised, but transforms it into the ultimate memory bank. We have photos of the children from each passing year on the tree, which I absolutely love because it means our Christmas decorations have grown and evolved with our family. You could equally do the same thing for a loved one who has passed away – it is a lovely sentiment. Here are a couple of meaningful decorations that are definitely worth investing in:

Tip 4) Pay attention to accent colours! Adding your accent colour in smaller quantities and spacing them randomly brings that festive spice. Choose just enough to keep your eyes drawn to the pops of colour on various points of the tree, but not too many as to go overboard. Keep it subtle. Here are some great colourful suggestions:

Tip 5) Remember less is more, particularly when it comes to festive home styling. I love to see the tree branches amongst the decorations, so try not to entirely hide the tree by using more than what is necessary!

Finally: enjoy the decorating process! It is a wonderful time to get creative and spend some quality time with friends and family.

Merry Christmas everyone, and I look forward to catching up in the New Year!

Sam x

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