Never Too Late for a New Year’s Resolution

By Samantha Pope

By Samantha Pope

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are seeing in the New Year well! For me, January is all about laying the foundations for the year ahead and creating those steppingstones for a longer term vision. This is why I thought I would begin the 2023 blog by exploring my aims for the year ahead, focusing mainly on company interior design goals.

Now, resolutions may sound daunting, and in truth, I’m not one who particularly likes to set them, as they are often associated with short term changes. But when it comes to interiors, I prefer to see them as a chance to re-evaluate my goals for the year. In my eyes, resolutions should be exciting and spark inspiration. This year is all about really focussing on our core values as a company and striving to improve. Thus, I have chosen three of my continued intentions to share with you all below.

Continuing to Focus on Core Values

Our core values home in on the following: Understated elegance, longevity and well-being. With understated elegance, less really is more, and I will continue to share my style of juxtaposing muted-tones with stand-out pieces of – often bespoke – furniture with my current and future clients to achieve a subtle luxury aesthetic.

Well-being is at the absolute core of Samantha Pope, and I love to know that I am improving the quality of my client’s life through design. From concept to completion, my mind is on natural textures, colour psychology and ultimately creating a space that is gratifying for the mind, body and soul.

A Journey Towards Becoming More Sustainable

This brings us on nicely to our final core value: longevity. Achieving timelessness in interior design is the first step towards becoming more sustainable. Where possible in the luxury residential industry, we will be trying to ensure that we are designing the antiques of the future, ensuring the long-term endurance of the pieces, and sourcing materials more sustainably.

Not only is there nothing more beautiful than a home full of furnishings that ooze a modern and minimal, yet timeless style, but this goal encourages us as a business to continue our journey in becoming more sustainable. It’s not always about being perfect right away, but it’s about high-end interior designers taking the steps and setting the tone to make a positive change to the interior design industry – particularly the luxury interior design industry.  If we strive to do better, then we are taking steps in the right direction for both business, client, design and the planet.

To Expand Our Growing Team

If you follow me on Instagram (@samanthapopeinteriors), you may have seen that we have spent a large portion of 2022 moving into our new office space! Now that we are settled in,  we are looking forward to adding some new members to our team.

From sample boards to vision boards, the office is flowing with ideas for our clients and their homes, and incorporating even more passion and creativity into our work is at the forefront of our goals for 2023. So keep a look out for interior jobs at Samantha Pope!

I hope you have enjoyed reading through a few of our resolutions. I’ve certainly enjoyed putting pen to paper and brainstorming for the year, creating a vision of what is yet to come, and what is going to continue to grow! If you would like to share your own resolutions, drop me a message below – I would love to read them!

Sam x

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