Suburban Home

Samantha Pope Interiors took the helm in full space planning and ‘turnkey’ finishes, furnishing, and styling for an overseas client, marking the second phase of our collaboration. Having successfully completed the initial leg of the design, we extended our creative touch to encompass all remaining rooms within the property.

The home study emerged as a distinctive highlight, where we breathed life and character into the space. Drawing inspiration from our client’s travels, we curated an environment that not only reflected their journey but also fostered a productive and inspiring atmosphere. Additionally, the cinema room, a true gem in this design narrative, exuded a sense of moody luxury, combining a sophisticated ambiance with cozy, cinematic vibes.

This project epitomises our dedication to delivering a holistic design experience, where each room becomes a canvas for unique stories and tailored aesthetics. The harmonised blend of bespoke furniture designs and thoughtful planning speaks to the essence of Samantha Pope Interiors.

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