Luxury Family Home

In the heart of North London, Samantha Pope Interiors embarked on a transformative journey with a returning client, overseeing the comprehensive renovation of their expansive 7500sqft new build family home. The objective was clear — to craft a space that was uniquely theirs, a bespoke haven that reflected their distinct taste and lifestyle.

The focal point of this project was the sitting/dining room, meticulously designed as their ultimate entertaining space. Every aspect of this room, from the flooring to the rugs, furniture, and lighting, was bespoke and tailored to perfection. The team at Samantha Pope Interiors orchestrated a full ‘turnkey’ experience, handling not only finishes and furnishings but also styling, ensuring every detail harmonized seamlessly.

This project was a testament to our commitment to creating personalized and exceptional living spaces. With over 70 bespoke furniture pieces, we breathed life into our client’s vision, curating a home that marries luxury with a one-of-a-kind allure.

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