About Us

About Us

Samantha Pope Interiors is a luxury interior design studio nestled in the heart of Hertfordshire, offering a comprehensive design service tailored for both private clients and property developers. At the core of our philosophy is an unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptionally personalised experience, guiding us in crafting bespoke luxury interiors that seamlessly align with our clients’ desires.

Driven by a passion for creating exquisite spaces and an innate attention to detail, we embark on a seamless journey from the initial design brief to the final completion. Our specialisation spans full interior architecture, furniture design, and turnkey styling, with a dedicated focus on full home renovations and new build projects.

Our fully managed design service is crafted to relieve the burden on our clients, allowing them to conserve both time and energy. We place a unique emphasis on texture and the artful layering of textures, harmonised by a foundational palette of muted tones. This deliberate approach creates depth and interest, with subtle accents of colour punctuating the design.

The hallmark of our distinctive style is an elegant fusion of classic and contemporary elements, ensuring that each project reflects the client’s tastes with timeless sophistication.

Samantha Pope – Founder and Creative Director

With a First-Class degree in Interior Architecture and Design, Samantha honed her craft over 17 years in the luxury residential and hotel design sector before establishing her own design studio. Armed with a diverse portfolio featuring prestigious London residences, Samantha brings a wealth of experience to her interiors.

She leverages her expertise and collaborates with a meticulously chosen team of suppliers and artisans to actualise her client’s aspirations. The result is an elegance that not only meets immediate desires but endures the test of time, showcasing Samantha’s commitment to timeless and sophisticated design.

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